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Friday, April 6, 2018

New Beer Friday, Beer & Cigar Event Edition (April 6)

Preamble by Steve Siciliano

On Saturday, April 14, Siciliano's Market is teaming up with Trail Point Brewing to host a beer and cigar event at the brewery's Allendale location at 6035 Lake Michigan Drive. Perdomo Special Craft Series Churchills in the Pilsner, Amber and Stout wrappers will be featured at this event and attendees will be able to pair these premium, hand-crafted smokes with Trail Point's solid offerings of premium, hand-crafted beer. The event will be held on the outdoor patio from 12pm to 6pm. There is no admission fee but please note that during the course of the event the patio will be open only to those of legal drinking age.

The Perdomo Special Craft Series is a premium line of cigars that Tabacalera Perdomo recently created to complement the aromas and flavors found in various styles of craft beer. We will be selling the cigars on site for $7.00 each and will be offering the following deals on quantity purchases.

    • Buy 4, Get One Free
    • Buy 10, Get 3 Free
    • Buy a Box, Get 8 Free
To make the event even more enticing, Slows BBQ will be on site from 5pm - 8pm. Mark your calendars now!

New and Returning Beer

  • Arcadia Salted Caramel Morning Nightcap, $2.19/12oz - "The beer lover’s consummate coffee beer, a perfect marriage of rich coffee and creamy porter. Brewed with BIGGBY® COFFEE’s Papua New Guinea blend, a roast created by Paramount Roasters especially for this collaboration. Emotes rich notes of dark chocolate, fruit, and tons of refreshingly intense coffee flavor. Oat malt lends a powerfully silky body and hints of nuttiness. Reminiscent of a refreshing cold-brew, but with a pleasant buzz. Pairs perfectly with your choice of smoking jacket, bathrobe or favorite slippers. Because when the day drags on and the night’s too long, it’s time to pickup a Nightcap" (source).
  • Blackrocks Flying Sailor, $2.29/12oz - "This beer has been an employee/pub favorite for the last few years. Falconer's flight hops hold up against the spicy, peppery, full-body from the crystal rye malt. No lack of flavor here, so quit playing with your dingy and round the break-wall" (source).
  • Brewery Vivant Plien de Vie Strawberry Rhubarb, $10.89/500ml - "A Belgian-weiss beer soured in a melange of barrels and aged with Strawberries and Rhubarb. Usher in Spring with this light and bright sour ale. Take a bottle home to enjoy with friends" (source).
  • Dogfish Head Dragons and Yum Yum, $2.79/12oz - "An explosion of fruit in every sip, Dragons & YumYums is an intensely tropical - yet subtlety bitter - pale ale brewed with a combination of dragonfruit, yumberry, passionfruit, pear juice and black carrot juice. Clocking in at 6.5% ABV and 25 IBU, Dragons & YumYums is a first-of-its-kind beer and vinyl collaboration with American rock icons, The Flaming Lips" (source).
  • Epic RiNO, $2.39/12oz - "This is a bold and unpretentious beer born out of the River North Neighborhood. Combining premium English Maris Otter malt with German Specialty grains and Pacific Northwest Hops this Pale Ale is complex, and robust but also very easy going" (source).
  • Epic Triple Barrel Baptist, $21.79/22oz - "Three’s not a crowd in this limited edition Triple Barrel Big Bad Baptist. We aged coconut and Blue Copper’s Colombian coffee beans in fresh whiskey barrels, while our imperial stout aged in both rum and whiskey barrels. The trio was then hand blended, creating our most over-the-top version of Big Bad Baptist yet. Best enjoyed slowly, three sips at a time" (source).
  • Founders Backwoods Bastard, $4.29/12oz - "Expect lovely, warm smells of single malt scotch, oaky bourbon barrels, smoke, sweet caramel and roasted malts, a bit of earthy spice and a scintilla of dark fruit. It’s a kick-back sipper made to excite the palate" (source).
  • Knee Deep Imperial Tanilla, $3.49/12oz - "Made with only grade-A Tahitian vanilla beans, Tanilla carries a smooth chocolate flavor complemented by the delicate intensity of vanilla beans, and a rich aroma of coffee" (source).
  • NIP Batch 21, $2.99/12oz - "All the buzz words in this guy. Fruited IPA, check. Double dry hop, check. New fun hop that is still en vogue, check. And this babe doesn't just have a sexy name either, its actually fucking delicious too. The enigma hops have a nice floral and citrus mixture of flavors, which is complemented by the healthy (and I mean we threw a fuck ton of fruit in) fruiting. A slight malt sweetness keeps it from being overly dry and drinkable. This is a guy you can do our favorite thing to do to beer, drink a bunch without getting overwhelmed.  So do your thing, enjoy the upcoming warm weather, and throw all your haters a bunch of the ol' razzle dazzle" (source).
  • Port Brewing Mongo, $2.79/16oz - "Our flagship Double IPA, Mongo harnesses the flavor of Columbus, Cascade, Centennial, and Simcoe hops. Massive resinous aroma leads to citrus notes with a piney bitterness on the finish" (source).
  • Revolution Double Dry Hopped Galaxy Hero, $2.99/12oz - "A new threat is emerging in the far reaches of outer space. To combat this enemy, Galaxy-Hero is preparing to debut his enhanced suit of armor, featuring a 5 lbs per barrel double raygun blast of Galaxy Hops" (source).
  • Revolution Sun Crusher, $1.99/12oz - "A crushable ale to celebrate the end of winter and rejoice the coming of warm weather! This Hoppy Wheat Ale is brewed with Apollo and Amarillo hops, with a dry-hop blend of Crystal, Amarillo, and Mosaic, resulting in a mellow bitterness and pronounced flowery and citrus aromas" (source).
  • Riegele Privat, $2.89/12oz - "Bright and golden in color, with a light floral hop aroma, and a soft honey, and bready malt character" (source).
  • Rochester Mills Gypsy Goddess, $2.59/16oz - "Ale with raspberries and lemons" (source).
  • Short's 13irteen, $2.59/12oz - "13irteen is a dry hopped American Sour Ale with black currants. Deep ruby red in color, this American Sour Ale has aromas of tart fruit and citrus. An initial sour flavor (that’s guaranteed to satisfy any Sour beer fan) is followed by notes of dark berry. Flavors of tart black currant coat the palate before a finish that is very dry with just a touch of citrus and a slight bitterness" (source).
  • Short's PB&J, $2.59/12oz - "PB&J is a blend of Peanut Butter Stout and Fruit Rye Ale to create a whole new concoction. Dark brown with a frothy mocha head, this beer has scents of berry and peanut butter. Medium bodied with a creamy mouthfeel, PB&J leads with flavors of roast and peanut butter before blending into the berries and tastes like your favorite childhood snack" (source).
  • Short's Soft Shandy, $1.89/12oz - "Soft Parade Shandy is a blend of Short’s flagship Fruit Rye Ale, Soft Parade, and homemade lemonade. This beer is raspberry in color and smells like fresh berry lemonade. Soft Parade’s signature berry flavor is enhanced by the addition of citrus. Soft Parade Shandy finishes with the faint taste of fruit candy. It is light in body and very refreshing" (source).
  • Sierra Nevada Trip In The Woods, $21.39/750ml - "When beer meets barrel, incredible things happen. The passage of time and the influence of wood combine to create a final product much greater than the sum of its individual parts. Our Trip in the Woods series is designed to highlight the complex interplay between beer and barrel. Each beer has matured in a wooden cask originally used to age and mellow spirits, and the time in slumber creates rich and layered flavors unique to this difficult and hands-on process" (source).
  • Uinta Farmside Saison, $1.69/12oz - "Boasting funk & fruit notes from white wine must and gooseberries, this earthy saison is approachable yet complex" (source).

Video of the Week | A Craft Beer Story

A Craft Beer Story, starring, among others, Steve Siciliano.


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