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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

New Hop Arrivals (April 2017)

By Max Spencer

Recently we brought in three new hops for homebrewers from Michigan Hop Alliance—Belma, Idaho7, and Tardif de Bourgogne. These hops are unique and can be used in your arsenal for a variety of styles! Below are descriptions of each hop, and some suggested styles to use them in. But don’t limit yourself — experiment as you see fit.

Belma™ ($1.79/1oz)

Belma is a hop strain grown exclusively on Puterbaugh Farms in Mabton, Washington. Described by Dr. Shellhammer — a professor of Fermentation Science at Oregon State University — after brewing a pale ale with Belma hops as follows: “A very clean hop, with a very orange, slight grapefruit, tropical pineapple, strawberry, and melon aroma.”

    • Alpha acid content: 11.6%
    • Suggested styles: Pale Ales, IPAs, American Wheats, Saison, American Stouts

Idaho7 ($1.79/1oz)

A new experimental variety from Jackson Hop Farm in Wilder, Idaho. “Expect overtones of resiny pine needles with big notes of pungent tropical fruit and citrus (think apricot, orange, red grapefruit, papaya) and earthy/fruity suggestions of black tea leaves” – BSG hop profile on Idaho7.

    • Alpha acid content: 12.1%
    • Suggested styles: Pale Ales, IPAs, American Wheats, Barleywines

Tardif de Bourgogne ($1.79/1oz)

“Late Burgundy” in English, Tardif de Bourgogne is a rare hop grown in the Alsace region of France. It is described by Michigan Hop Alliance as having characteristics of “freshly-cut law, pronounced lemon zest, faint ripe melons, strawberries, and lemon ginger tea.”

    • Alpha acid content: 4.3%
    • Beta Acid content: 4.2%
    • Suggested styles: Saison, Bière de Garde, Belgian Ales, Pilsner, European Lagers, Wheat beers

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