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Thursday, February 23, 2017

New Beer Friday, Formal Call for Judges Edition (Feb 24)

Preamble by Steve Siciliano

This is a formal call for judges and stewards for the Fourteenth Annual Siciliano's Homebrew Contest, one of Michigan's premier homebrew competitions. This a BJCP registered event.

The following is pertinent information regarding the judging for the 2017 Siciliano's competition:

    • Date: Saturday, April 22th
    • Location: The Guest House, 638 Stocking Ave NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49504
    • Check in for judges & stewards: 10 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.
    • Judging: 11:15 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
    • Best-of-Show judging: 3:30 p.m.
    • Competition organizer: Steve Siciliano,, 616-453-9674
Coffee and pastries will be provided in the morning and there will be a lunch and liquid refreshments at the conclusion of the judging.

If you plan on participating in this year's competition either as a judge or a steward please go to this website. After logging in you will be able to register as a judge or a steward.


After logging in, click on the Guest House Judging Session and indicate whether you will be participating as a judge or a steward. If you are registering as a judge, click the Update Judging Preferences button after indicating your judging preferences and dislikes.

Preregistration is encouraged as it will help reduce lines at the check-in table on the day of the judging.

Please ensure that you arrive at the judging venue by 10:30 a.m. so that the competition staff can organize flights and complete table assignments by the 11:15 judging start time.

Please be reminded that your participation as a steward or judge does not preclude you from entering a beer in this competition.

New and Returning Beer

  • Guinness Irish Wheat, $1.69/12oz - "Brewed with Guinness Ale yeast and 100% Irish Wheat. This is a clean crisp refreshing tasting beer with notes of zesty citrus, subtle clove and banana " (source).
  • Anchorage Tide and Its Taker Triple, $16.09/750ml - "Brewed with Sorachi Ace and Styrian Golding Hops. Aged in French Oak Chardonnay barrels with brettanomyces" (source).
  • Brekeriet Sour White, $13.39/750ml - "A fruity and subtly sour Wheat beer" (source).
  • Libertine Wild IPA, $19.99/750ml - "A heavily dry-hopped beer, this unique take on an IPA will expand your perception of the category.  Using our unique brewing and open fermentation techniques, but taking the majority of the hopping to the final part of the process, you are left with a very funky, yet hoppy, floral beer that showcases the hops’ aromas instead of their bittering qualities" (source).
  • To ├śl Berry White, $5.99/11oz - "White Ale brewed with blueberries and blackberries" (source).
  • Carlsberg Elephant, $1.59/12oz - "Carlsberg Elephant is a so-called ’Bock Bier’, brewed for the first time in 1959. The ample use of malt gives Carlsberg Elephant a vinous and rich character with apple, melon, banana, and caramel flavours balanced with a dry bitterness and hints of oak, bark, nuts and pine needles. The colours is pale gold with white foam" (source).
  • Dark Horse German Hobo, $2.09/12oz -A malt liquor collaboration beer with Old Nation.
  • Kronenbourg Blanc, $1.59/12oz - "1664 White is a fresh and fruity white beer. Because of its flavor and its design, it embodies the elegance and taste of French in the world of wheat beers. Authentic, it is accessible and slightly fruity, revealing subtle aromas of citrus, lemon and coriander" (source).
  • New Holland Mischievous II, $5.49/22oz - "A kettle-soured brown ale finished with local peaches which contribute a fruity nose and hint of sweetness" (source).
  • Pigeon Hill Your Mom on French Toast, $4.59/12oz (4 per) - "We also call this the “Morning After Stout,” because it’s a perfect way to ease the pain on the morning after a night of celebrating. By combining our 1762 Russian Imperial Stout with maple syrup and cinnamon, we created a beer that is both bold and comforting, with a flavor that unmistakably reminds us of your mom’s French Toast" (source).
  • Tapistry Prehistoric Rhetoric, $12.89/22oz (1 per) - No commercial description.
  • Greenbush Dystopia, $3.49/12oz (2 per) - "Don't be surround by sameness. Pull back from the droll daily grind with our Russian Imperial Stout that showcases just the right roasty, bitter qualities to help you escape whatever scene you're in" (source).
  • Odd Side Car Ramrod, $2.29/12oz - "Imperial Black Citra Pale Ale" (source).
  • Odd Side Orange Mocha Beer-A-Cino, $2.49/12oz - No commercial description.
  • Jolly Pumpkin Madrugada Obscura, $14.39/750ml - "A Belgian inspired stout that is as dark as a moonless midnight, brimming of roasted malts and bitter hops. It will keep you good company in all places, be thay light or dark" (source).
  • Tallgrass Raspberry Jam, $1.69/12oz - "Raspberry Jam was initially developed at our brewpub, the Tallgrass Tap House. It became an instant hit and we decided it should “go on tour” as part of the Tallgrass lineup. Its crisp, natural tartness is balanced by the addition of raspberries, creating a sour wheat ale that’s light-bodied and refreshing" (source).
  • Tallgrass Velvet Rooster, $1.69/12oz - "The first Belgian-style Tripel ever released in a can, Velvet Rooster initially launched in 2011. After a brief hiatus in 2016, it’s back as part of our seasonal lineup! This clean and crisp tripel boasts big, fruity esters and slight peppery spice from Belgian yeast. It’s bubbly like champagne with hints of citrus fruit, earthy-grassy notes and a sweet, candy-like finish" (source).
  • Perrin Ceaser's Gimp, $11.49/22oz - "The Roman Empire’s lust for global dominance and power was only matched by their love of wine, which led to their mastery of the oak barrel. With this in mind we brewed a hybrid Imperial Red Ale fermented with Cabernet Sauvignon grape juice and then aged in California Merlot oak wine barrels. This Roman Imperial Red Ale will excite your baser passions with a deep Imperial red color and purple highlights. Oak, malt and grapes blend together making it hard to tell where one flavor begins and another ends. We all have our vices and we hope you enjoy this one" (source).
  • Perrin Triangulation, $3.39/12oz - "We decided to create a rich but approachable strong stout. It will have dark caramel components. We are using experimental hop HBC 472 which can provide vanilla, macaroon, and even barrel notes" (source).

Siciliano's Rare Beer Easter Egg Hunt

In honor of Michigan Beer Week, we're hiding rare beers like this one
throughout Siciliano's all weekend, just a few at a time. Stop in and see us —
you'll never know what you find!

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