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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Prairie BOMB! Imperial Stout: The Tuesday Review

Prairie BOMB!, $8.99/12oz
By Max Spencer

Prairie Artisan Ales is a brewery located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Founded in 2012 by brothers Chase and Colin Healy, Prairie aims to make unapologetically great beer. The lineup of beers created by Prairie includes a large variety of stouts, farmhouse and Belgian ales, each with a distinct character and tons of flavor. One of the brothers, Colin Healy, further develops the character of each beer with his offbeat and attractive label designs.

Prairie BOMB! is a brazen Imperial Stout aged on cocoa nibs, vanilla, espresso beans and ancho chiles that sits at 13% ABV. The beer, available year round, pours pitch black and viscous with a dark tan head that quickly dissipates. The ancho chiles commandeer the nose with hints of earth and dried fruit, accompanied by light vanilla and coffee aromas. When cold, the vanilla and cocoa dominate the palate and ride into the finish where the ancho chiles and espresso beans reveal themselves slowly and delicately. As the beer warms, the rich earthiness and light heat of the chiles as well as the bitterness and flavor from the coffee come into play throughout the palate. The buildup of coffee and chili flavors balance out the sweetness of the beer, which can be overbearing when too cold. The malt build is well designed; it provides a backbone that supports all of the flavors present, smoothing out their edges and allowing them to play together.

BOMB! is an appropriately named, well-executed beer that incorporates many different flavors without going overboard — it's well worth a try. I would recommend drinking it at slightly below room temperature (55-65°F) from a goblet or tulip glass and pairing with a cinnamon crumb cake.

Prairie BOMB! is available now at Siciliano's for $8.99/12oz.

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