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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Ball Lock to American Sankey Conversion Kit

By Matt Ross

As an avid homebrewer I’m always on the lookout for ways to make my brewing and kegging systems more efficient. While perusing through one of our whole catalogs recently I was excited to find that there’s an easy way to convert my homebrew kegging system into a setup that can also be used to dispense commercially produced beer.

Siciliano’s is now carrying the hardware that enables an American Sankey coupler to be used with ball-lock disconnects. That’s right folks. You can now push commercial craft beer through an American Sankey using your Cornelius kegging system. This setup is ideal for homebrewers looking for an easier transition between homebrew and commercial kegs. Stop in and ask any of our staff about these handy conversion kits which retail at Siciliano’s for $36.99. Happy Holidays and brew on!

Please note that the American Sankey couplers ($44.00 at Siciliano’s) are sold separately.

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