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Saturday, March 21, 2015

A Letter from Doug Dorda: Thanks for a Great Six Years!

By Doug Dorda

It may be said that the greatest gift one can be given is that of family, something I dearly lacked in Grand Rapids before accepting the position at Sicilianos. I hail from the other side of the state, as does my family, and their absence began to weigh heavily on me in the year previous to my employment.

I could have never guessed that this store, a place of my passion and fascination, would also become the birthplace of another family for me. This was a family built on camaraderie, a zeal for food and drink, a passion for infinitesimal details, and a love for the common man who holds the simple enjoyment of life sacred. I don’t just mean those with blood ties to the Siciliano’s, but all who have walked through its doors and shared a moments respite in the truest “mom and pop” environment I have had the good pleasure of knowing.

The words “thank you” have never, and will never, come close to capturing the gratitude I feel for having been welcomed into such a genuine and caring community. Though, after many years, I have decided to leave Siciliano’s as my place of employ, I know full well that, just like my blood family, I will always be a part of the family that embraced me so warmly even before my first days of work at the store. To know that is a gift worth more than all the precious metals on this earth.

From the bottom of my heart, I say this to customers, co-workers, Steve and Barb alike: Thanks for giving me a chance. I love you guys!

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