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Friday, November 14, 2014

New Beer Friday, Deer Camp Edition (November 14)

Preamble by Steve Siciliano

The deer in the vicinity of Irons, Michigan will have nothing to fear from a group of men who will be gathering in a cabin in the woods this weekend. Instead of stalking whitetail, they’ll be cooking up big pots of stew, chili and chicken cacciatore. There will be loaves of crusty bread, cases of craft beer, jugs of hard cider, some good bourbon and numerous bottles of homemade wine. There will be poker games, a good deal of cigar smoking, and much talking, laughing, bantering and good-natured ribbing around the camp fire.

The men might raise a toast to the relatives and friends who are gone and may reminisce a little about mid-November weekends past. They’ll probably add an episode or two to their collection of deer camp memories.

Here's to another year of deer camp. If you're heading out into the woods this weekend, be careful, have fun, and don't forget to stop at Siciliano's before you hit the road out of town.

New and Returning Beer

  • Arcadia Nut Brown, $1.79/12oz - "Our Nut Brown Ale is a full bodied English-style brown ale with a deep mahogany color. We use six different types of premium malted barley to create a flavor that includes hints of chocolate, raisins, dates and almonds. The malty sweet finish is balanced by a smooth bitterness and a subtle fruitiness in flavor and hop aroma" (source).
  • Frankenmuth Christmas Town, $1.69/12oz - "For many, our little town of Frankenmuth is known as Christmas Town. So, it's no wonder we created an ale to celebrate the Merry Season. Enjoy toasted sweet dark malts and American hops which combine with holiday flavors to create a taste and aroma that is unmistakably Christmas" (source).
  • Dark Horse Too Cream Stout, $2.09/12oz - "Number Too - This beer is made with milk sugar (lactose) which gives this beer a nice creamy mouth feel which mingles with hints of chocolate and roasty flavors" (source).
  • Right Brain Naughty Girl Stout, $7.19/22oz - "Thin mint cookie, meet John Niedermaier A stout made with organic locally-grown whole leaf mint. She’s just back from a stint in the cooler for being too naughty. She might have mellowed out but this stout is still naughty at heart" (source).
  • Odd Side Firefly, $2.59/12oz - "Pale Ale with Habanero and Mango" (source).
  • Odd Side How Now Brown Cow, $1.99/12oz - "A brown ale" (source).
  • Shorts Evil Urges, $2.19/12oz - "Evil Urges is a Belgian dark strong ale with a deep dark brown color. A sharp aroma of chocolate and molasses hits the senses, reminiscent of a rich liqueur. Aided by additions of Belgian amber candi sugar, the initial flavors are sweet and malty, with some unique, dark fruit qualities. This full bodied beer is defined by its roast malt character and slight black coffee bitterness that lead into an intense warming finish" (source).
  • O'fallon Wheach, $1.79/12oz - "Imagine our smooth, clean wheat beer with a touch of peach and you get the idea behind O'Fallon Wheach, our peach wheat beer. Refreshing and crisp, it's perfect for warm summer weather" (source).
  • Big Sky Ivan The Terrible, $3.19/12oz - "Big Sky Brewing’s Ivan the terrible Imperial Stout is brewed according to the traditional style using english hops and the finest american malt. It’s aroma and flavor balance well between esters of dried fruit and roasted cocoa with a slight bourbon presence" (source).

Beer & Spirit Tastings

Video of the Week | Let's Have a Pastie, Eh?

Escanaba in da Moonlight, a deer camp classic.


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