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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Pardon Our Dust: Homebrew Area Reconfiguration

By Steve Siciliano

Anyone who has been coming into Siciliano’s for more than two years will remember how jam packed the store was before we knocked a hole in the wall and added 900 square feet of much needed space to the beer- and wine-making sections. While that expansion eliminated a great deal of congestion, we have realized for some time now that we could have utilized the additional space a little more efficiently.

We are now in the process of doing a bit of fine tuning, the main focus of which is being directed towards the reconfiguration of the weighing stations and the grain milling area. When completed, these changes will give our customers much more room to gather ingredients and will reduce wait times for the scales and grinders.

The homebrew section will be a little discombobulated for awhile but I want to emphasize that there will be no disruption in business. We anticipate that these changes will be complete by the first week of July.

Temporary clutter now,
More convenient work area soon

Thanks for your patience!

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