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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tuesday Review: Black Bottle Original Blend Scotch

By John Barecki

I have a treat for those of you who have been wanting to explore the world of Scottish-made whisky. Black Bottle Original is a blend of all the distilleries on the Isle of Islay. This little powerhouse delivers a payload of the finest Islay whisky makers, showcasing the great balance that only peat fires can provide.

Starting off with a campfire smokiness that is soothed by a balanced malt back bone, the smokey characters are cradled by a golden caramel softness. While not as wonderfully complex as some single malts can be, this affordable, sought-after, blended whisky is a great first step into the world of Scottish malts. It is a wonderful dram that really allows the palate to appreciate all the underlying flavor notes of the various regions while still having the smokey and maritime flavors associated with Islay malts.

With the price tag at only $18.84/750ml, I think the unknown author's quote on their website sums it up pretty well. "If on my theme I rightly think, there are fine reasons why I drink: good wine – a friend – because I am dry. On best I should be by-and-by. Or any other reason why."

Black Bottle Original Scotch Whisky ($18.84/750ml) is available now at Siciliano's.

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