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Monday, August 6, 2012

Westside Man Uncovers Cache of Retro Beer

By Joseph P. Sprinklehead, Roving Buzz Reporter

Grand Rapids, MI - A man searching for lost treasures with a metal detector has found eleven full cans of Stroh’s beer buried in the exposed mud of the receding John Ball Park pond. Chuck Postohovitch, an eighty-five-year old retired mechanic who lives two blocks away from the park, said he found the still recognizable cans with his Minelab X-TERRA 305 mine detector last Saturday morning.

“This is a great find,” Postohovitch said. “I’ve been metal detecting for years, in fact ever since I retired. I’ve found my share of old coins, diamond rings, things like that but this is just unbelievable. I can’t believe my luck.”

According to another treasure hunter who was helping scrub mud and goose feces off the cans, Postohovitch’s good fortune was anything but luck. “Chuck’s the best metaldetectorist I know,” said the young man who declined to give his name. “He’s out constantly, in every kind of weather. The mud in that pond is just covered with goose shit but he went out there anyway. He’s just incredible.”

Postohovitch said he is going to drink one of the beers and put the rest for sale on Ebay. “I’m thinking I can get a hundred bucks a can, maybe more,” he said. “I’ve seen what they’re getting for those Founders beers and they’re not even old.”

Postohovitch thinks the cans, which he estimates to be at least forty years old, were probably put in the pond to be kept cool but for some reason were forgotten. “I don’t know why someone would just leave them there,” he said. “Stroh’s was a good beer. Still is. It’s a real mystery.”

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