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Friday, May 26, 2017

New Beer Friday, Jeff Carlson's Big Win Edition (May 26)

Preamble by Steve Siciliano

A Kolsch brewed by Jeff Carlson has taken top honors in the Fourteenth Annual Siciliano’s Homebrew Competition. The Grand Rapids resident and longtime member of the Prime Time Brewers homebrew club was presented with the prestigious Siciliano’s Cup last Saturday at the Fourteenth Annual Siciliano’s Homebrew Party at Johnson Park. The competition’s top prize also includes a $500.00 gift card from Siciliano’s Market and the opportunity to brew the award-winning recipe at Trail Point Brewery’s seven-barrel system.

Joining Carlson in the Best of Show round in the competition’s judging on April 20 were West Michigan homebrewers John Britt, Mike Finnochio and James Lewis.

“It’s a thrill to win the Cup,” Carlson said after the awards ceremony last Saturday at the Homebrew Party. “This is a tough competition and to win Best of Show is very gratifying. Today I tasted the Best of Show round beers that were brewed by John and Mike and they were outstanding. I think I might have had a little luck on my side.”

While this is the first time Carlson has won a competition with one of his hand-crafted beers, he has garnered numerous accolades for his homemade cider. He has won the American Homebrewers Association Cider Maker of the Year award five times and this year five of his cider entries were awarded medals in the Chicago Regional and are moving on to the Nationals.

This is the second year in a row that a member of the Grand Rapids-based Prime Time Brewers has won the Siciliano’s Cup. Jeremy Gavin won the award last year with a Dark Czech Lager.

New and Returning Beer

  • Bee Ryder Mead Orange Grove, $20.89/375ml - "Mead fermented with Florida orange blossom honey, vanilla, clove, and cinnamon" (source).
  • Bee Ryder Mead Always Maple In The Banana Stand, $24.19/375ml - "Mead fermented with local wildflower honey, bananas and maple syrup" (source).
  • Anchor Blackberry Daze IPA, $1.79/12oz - "Blackberry Daze IPA™ is a synergistic union of blackberries and hops. Because the blackberry was once wildly rampant in California, it is our ideal choice for this singular Anchor brew" (source).
  • Blackrocks Honey Lav, $1.79/12oz - "This is our summer seasonal beer. An American wheat brewed with Michigan honey and full lavender flowers. A fresh and flavorful ale with a great balance between the floral lavender and sweet honey" (source).
  • Griffin Claw Nawt A Cawp, $3.59/16oz - "A bitter, moderately strong American pale ale that uses its clean, supporting malt to showcase its hop character" (source).
  • Central Waters Barleywine, $4.09/12oz - "An American Barleywine Ale aged in used oak Bourbon barrels, this beer develops rich flavors that deepen over time" (source).
  • Central Waters Brewhouse Coffee, $5.49/22oz - "A coffee lover’s delight! A wonderful stout infused with coffee that is specially roasted for us by Emy J’s ( in Stevens Point, WI" (source).
  • Prairie Birthday Bomb, $8.99/12oz - "Birthday Bomb! was conceived to celebrate three wonderful years of experimentation and fun loving flavors like the current incarnation with caramel sauce. Made in house by our brewers with nothing but black gloves and a propane tank. The rest is the complex mix of hops and malt with a healthy dose of the signature coffee and spices. You know exactly what we’re talking about" (source).
  • Stillwater Yacht, $2.59/16oz - "Canned beer has made a serious return in the craft brewing world. Prior to this resurgence, the only beer found in cans were industrial lagers. So as a nod in both directions we present an elegantly crisp and hoppy new world lager. The light and refreshing pilsner malt body delivers an abundance of floral, spice, and grass driven hop flavors and aroma. Perfect for those luxurious cruises through the Caribbean" (source).
  • Stillwater On Fleek, $2.89/12oz - "Big, overhyped imperial stouts, amirite? This one on fleek tho. The most amazing collaboration ever with Casita Cerveceria" (source).
  • Evil Twin and Two Roads Geyser Gose, $2.89/16oz - "Two Roads and Evil Twin sourced local ingredients during a trip to Iceland for this collaboration including: Icelandic moss, rye, herbs, sea kelp, skyr (Icelandic yogurt) and birch-smoked sea salt to create a Two + Evil twist on a gose beer; a sour wheat-style ale with a hint of smoke, light lemon color, dry finish and thirst quenching appeal" (source).
  • Evil Twin Aurantiaco, $2.89/12oz - "Ale Brewed With Blood Orange Added" (source).
  • Evil Twin Nomader Weisse, $2.89/12oz - "Nomads; constantly moving, 'round and 'round; sometimes settle, if just for a bit. Perhaps the muse moves one to brew a sharp and clean session beer, one inspired by the Berliner-weisse of old, and the nomad rests. Enjoy this beer, here, there, perhaps north of Madison Square Park, in lovely New York City. Wherever you are, this beer was made nice, simply for you" (source).
  • Mikkeller Beer Geek Breakfast, $3.99/16oz - "An oatmeal stout with 25.0% oat-based ingredients and a nice touch of gourmet coffee. A beer that goes extremely well with breakfast" (source).
  • Mikkeller California Dream, $2.99/16oz - "Hoppy Pilsner" (source).
  • Mikkeller Waves Bolger, $2.99/16oz - "American IPA" (source).
  • Green Flash Ideal Belgique, $12.89/750ml - "Our Belgian-style Dark Ale is inspired by traditional Abbey ales to deliver the richest roasted malt flavors. Dual-yeast fermentation, spicy hops, and the addition of Muscovado brown sugar provide increased complexity and depth of flavor which effortlessly combine to present a delicious, balanced brew with a velvety smooth texture that pleases the palate" (source).
  • Green Flash Divine Belgique, $12.89/750ml - "Rich, pale malt flavors provide a solid base for zesty Czech Saaz and Styrian Golding hops. Monastery Ale Yeast lends a fruity, spicy profile reminiscent of classic, Trappist ales—a time-honored monastic brewing method. Our Trippel is a luscious, fiery, golden brew—a contemporary Green Flash interpretation of the historic Belgian style" (source).
  • Green Flash Blonde, $1.79/12oz - "GFB has an approachable flavor with hints of honey and orange peel complemented by a mellow malt character" (source).
  • Ridge Hop'd, $1.99/12oz - "Hop’d uses three varieties of hops to impart a bright citrusy flavor to this dry gem" (source).
  • Ridge Porch Sittin, $1.99/12oz - "Perfect for a fall evening of “porch sittin’,” this cider is comprised of a blend of vanilla and cinnamon that comforts you like a warm blanket.  Enjoy warm or cold with caramelized cinnamon sugar on the rim of your glass" (source).
  • Short's I got 5 on It, $1.99/12oz - "I Got 5 On It is a medium-bodied American India Pale Ale brewed with five different hop varieties.  A blend of earthy and sweet citrus hop aromas softy rise from this hop forward brew.  Bready malt and fruity tangerine flavors lead into a prominent bitterness that resonates pleasantly and finishes dry" (source).
  • Short's Nicie Spicie, $1.99/12oz - "Northern Michigan spiced wheat ale. A 50% mixture of premium two-row malted barley and malted white wheat makes golden wheat ale balanced with Ahtanum and Cascade hop varieties. This ale is spiced with fresh grated lemon and orange rind, coriander, and black peppercorns. It’s truly a fermented wonder of the Short’s Brew formula family" (source).
  • Short's Melt my Brain, $1.99/12oz - "Melt My Brain is an experimental Golden Ale brewed with coriander, juniper berries, limes and blended with tonic water to create the tasting experience of drinking a gin and tonic cocktail.  Delicate aromas of citrus and pine flow into bold bright flavors of sweet lime with a slightly sticky bitterness.  Refreshing and clean, a tasty tonic effervescence provokes the palate for more" (source).
  • Rochester Mills Nawt A Cawp, $3.59/16oz - "Imperial IPA" (source).
  • Ommegang Behind the Knee, $9.99/750ml - "When fans last gripped their glasses at the end of Game of Thrones' sixth season, the great houses of Westeros were on the brink of an epic conflict. Cersei had ascended to the Iron Throne as the first queen of Westeros, Jon Snow and Sansa Stark had just reclaimed the North, and Daenerys Targaryen had set sail for the Seven Kingdoms. To commemorate the coming mêlée in the Emmy® Award-winning show’s epic seventh season, Brewery Ommegang and HBO Global Licensing are excited to announce a new beer in their collaborative series: Bend the Knee Golden Ale" (source).
  • Deschutes Cultivator, $17.19/22oz (1 per) - No commercial description.
  • Goose Island Lolita, $9.29/12oz - "Lolita is a pink rose colored Belgian style pale ale fermented with wild yeast and aged on raspberries in wine barrels. Aromas of fresh raspberries, bright jammy fruit flavors and crisp, refreshing body make Lolita ideal for beer drinkers fond of Belgian Framboise" (source).

Video of the Week | Beer City Whisky

Doesn't sound like this will be available at retail outlets (aka Siciliano's),
but do visit our pals down at Long Road for a taste!


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