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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Siciliano's Hop Selection Grows to More Than 100 Varieties

By Joe Potter

Why continue to limit yourself to the same six or seven hop varieties? Staffer Joe Pottter highlights some of the new (and some of the not-so-new, but still underutilized) hops available here at the store.

Things are HOPpening here at Siciliano’s.

If you’ve ventured into the hop cooler lately and were paying close attention, you may have noticed a few new boxes on the shelves. However, with over 100 varieties available now, we can’t blame you if the new additions (ba dum tss) didn’t quite jump out at you. And while I don't have anything against the classic standbys like Cascade, Centennial or Fuggle, nor the relatively newer golden children like Amarillo, Citra or Simcoe, I do feel we have many underdog varieties that are more than ready to take on the task of hopping up your next brew.

Below, I’ve listed the descriptors and specs* of some of our hops that are particularly promising, but haven’t yet gained widespread popularity. If this doesn’t make you want to brew an mouthwatering IPA, I don’t know what will.

*The Alpha Acid percentage listed applies to our current stock; the percentage will vary slightly from harvest to harvest. The listed price per ounce is also subject to change.

New Hops at Siciliano's

    • Ahtanum™: Citrus, Grapefruit, Geranium, Earth. 3.9% AA. $2.09
    • Apollo™: Strong Grapefruit, Hoppy. 18.3% AA. $2.29 
    • Azacca®: Tropical, Mango, Papaya, Slight Pine. 18.3% AA. $2.69
    • Calypso™: Pear, Apple, Sweet Lemon Lime, Earthy Tea. 13.8% AA. $2.49 
    • Comet: Citrusy Zest, Subtle Grass and Grapefruit. 9.3% AA. $2.39 
    • Delta™: Mild Spice, hints of Citrus and Melon. 6.4% AA. $2.89 
    • El Dorado™: Tropical Fruit, Pear, Watermelon, Stone Fruit. 14.9% AA. $2.39 
    • Jarrylo®: Banana, Orange, Pear, Grass, Spice. 15.4% AA. $2.39 
    • Kazbek: Saaz-like Floral and Earthy Spice, bright Lemon or Grapefruit. 4.1% AA. $1.79 
    • Kohatu: Lime and Pineapple, traces of Pine and a “dank” undertone. 6.4% AA. $2.49
    • Medusa™: Intense Guava, Melon, Apricot and Citrus. 3.0% AA. $2.29 
    • Motueka: Lively Lemon Lime, background hints of Tropical Fruit. 6.6% AA. $2.79 
    • Pekko®: Floral, Melon, Pineapple, Pears, Saaz-like Cucumber, Mint, Herbal. 16.8% AA. $1.79 
    • Phoenix: Crisp and mellow with Pine, Chocolate, Molasses and Spice. 13.3% AA. $1.79 
    • Sorachi Ace: Unique Dill, Lemon, Lime and Herbal. 12.9% AA. $2.89
    • Sovereign: Intense Peach, Red Currant, Berry and Cherry. 4.8% AA. $1.79 
    • Wai-iti: Peach and Apricot, intense Lime and Mandarin. 2.5% AA. $2.69 
    • Wakatu: Floral, Lime zest, Citrus oils. 7.0% AA. $2.29

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