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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Do It Yourself: Citronella Howler Torch

By Kati Spayde

It's summer in Michigan and that means I want nothing more than to spend an evening relaxing on the deck with a cold beer. But it's also summer in Michigan, which means the mosquitos are crazy! Instead of some questionable looking tiki torches, why not make some fashionable citronella howlers. The process is fairly easy and relatively cheap.

Equipment needed for two lanterns:

    • 2 Howlers
    • 2 Metal Howler Caps
    • 1 Package of Wicks
    • 1 Jug of Citronella Torch Fuel
    • Screwdriver
    • Hammer
With the cap on the howler, gently tap the screwdriver through the cap with the hammer*. I like to make three holes and then connect them into one larger hole. Then use the screwdriver to bend back the lid material until it's flush with the inside of the cap. Fill the howler with fuel and insert the wick through the hole in the cap, easy as that.

Light and enjoy!

*Loosen the cap first to make sure there is no excess pressure in the howler. Or remove the cap entirely and place it on a work bench before gently tapping the hole.

The materials
Gently tap a hole in the cap
With the wick

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