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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Anchorage Brewing Company Whiteout Wit

Review by Matt Ross

To pick up where we left off with Anchorage Brewing, I present my review of their Whiteout Wit. Traditionally this is a pretty straight-forward style that thrives on subtly: pilsner and wheat malt, conservative hop additions and wit yeast. Spices are optional. Anchorage took these basic guidelines and indulged in all departments. They added lemon peel, coriander and black peppercorn. They also added brettanomyces. It is aged in French oak Chardonnay barrels. It is also 6.5% ABV. Up front it seems like there is a lot going on.

The first thing you notice is the pour. This beer is very carbonated. Pleasantly carbonated. The color is stunning. It is a beautiful hazy pale straw in color. The aroma is subtle but dramatic. If you are not paying much attention it would be easy to overlook. Up front it had a wonderful bright sour pineapple from the brett. Upon closer investigation I found earthy and mild citrus character mixed with white wine. The first sip was a roller coaster. For everything that was put into this beer I was shocked at how well it was balanced. The brett was not too tart. You could taste each spice’s unique addition. Overall I found this beer to be incredibly quaffable and fun to drink.

Witbier is a style that is notoriously tough to make well. In my opinion Anchorage knocked this one out of the park. They did their own take on a classic and it paid off. This is a great beer for sitting on the porch and watching time pass with friends. Siciliano’s is currently selling the Whiteout Wit in 750-ml bottles for $14.39 while supplies last. Despite this beer referencing a “whiteout,” it is perfect for shaking off the cobwebs from winter hibernation and to welcome spring. Brew on.

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