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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Alaska Relived with Anchorage Brewing Company

Matt tours the brewery
By Matt Ross

Anyone who has been to Alaska will tell you it is truly wild. For me it resembled Michigan but replace deer with moose, hills with mountains and add a sense of unknown adventure.

While traveling from town to town the friendly locals were more than willing to share great camping spots along with locations of their favorite watering holes.  It felt like walking into a surprise party at an unfamiliar location where everyone had been waiting for you.

To make all of this relevant, I was in Alaska this past summer for a wedding and became very nostalgic recently when Anchorage Brewing Company hit our shelves. Anchorage Brewing artfully uses Belgian Saison yeast and brettanomyces for the backbone of their beers and then they add fruity American hops to compliment the yeast character. These unique brews take bold flavors and make something special that left me wanting more.

My excitement about these great beers has spread throughout the staff at Siciliano's. Over the next few weeks we will be doing reviews of their beer to help spread the word about this great brewery. We are currently selling the Mosaic Saison and the Galaxy White IPA ($14.39/750ml) as year round releases (when available through distribution), but they are also putting out seasonals such as the Whiteout Wit. Keep on the lookout for collaborations with other breweries like the Invasion IPA with Mikkeller. Stop in to find out more about this great new brewery. Brew on.

Bellying up at Anchorage Brewing
Where the magic happens

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