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Friday, February 19, 2016

New Beer Friday, Homebrew Competition Edition (Feb 19)

Go for the gold in Siciliano's
Homebrew Competition
Preamble by Steve Siciliano

From its humble beginnings thirteen years ago, the Siciliano’s Homebrew Competition has developed into one of Michigan’s most respected competitive homebrewing events. We are pleased to announce that this year’s Best of Show winner will have the opportunity to brew his or her winning recipe on Trail Point Brewing’s seven-barrel system. This is in addition to winning a $500.00 gift card to Siciliano’s Market and, per tradition, having his or her name engraved on the prestigious Siciliano’s Cup.

See below for contest rules and regulations for the Thirteenth Annual Siciliano’s Homebrew Competition. Best of luck everyone!

  1. Every homebrewer is allowed one (1) beer entry. All entries must be brewed by the registrant on a homebrewing system. Please do not submit entries under the names of significant others, insignificant others, siblings, offspring, distant relatives, estranged roommates, pets, fictional characters, imaginary friends or anyone else. 
  2. Beers are submitted according to the 2015 BJCP Style Guidelines. Ciders and meads are excluded from this contest. If you are unsure of which is the correct style for your beer, contact us and we will help. 
  3. Entries require two (2) plain, unlabeled/unmarked 12-ounce amber bottles. Please no clear bottles or bottles of any other size. 
  4. We are using a new competition website ( which incorporates the 2015 BJCP Guidelines for this year’s competition. Find the Thirteenth Annual Siciliano’s Homebrew Competition under UPCOMING COMPETITIONS and click on the Registration link to enter beers and print bottle labels. 
  5. The entry fee is $7.00. 
  6. The total number of contest entries will be capped at 200. Do not delay in submitting your entry. Once the cap is reached no additional entries will be accepted. 
  7. Online registration for entries will be accepted from Monday, March 14, through Sunday, April 10, or until 200 entries are submitted, whichever occurs first. 
  8. Entries must be received by Sunday, April 10. Entries will not be accepted after that date. If mailing an entry, please include paperwork and submission fee. Ship in a well-packed box to: Siciliano’s Market // 2840 Lake Michigan Dr. NW // Grand Rapids, MI 49504
All entries in the Siciliano’s Homebrew contest are judged by industry professionals and/or trained judges according to the standards of style, not in comparison to each another, with the exception of Best in Show. Entries that receive scores falling within designated point totals will be awarded bronze, silver or gold medals.

A reminder too that we still need judges and stewards to help us evaluate all that homebrew. Please visit this page for sign-up information.

New and Returning Beer

  • Alaskan Jalapeño IPA, $8.99/22oz - "Alaskan Jalapeño Imperial IPA is made from glacier-fed water, the finest quality Centennial, Sterling, Magnum, and Apollo hops, premium two-row and specialty malts, and a whole lot of fresh jalapeños" (source).
  • Dark Horse Rain In Blood, $2.19/12oz - "Our tribute to the late Jeff Hanneman and the greatest band of all time, Slayer. This pale ale is brewed with fresh blood oranges and blood orange juice that is hand squeezed at the brewery. It should be enjoyed fresh and paired with delicious heavy metal" (source).
  • Griffin Claw Mr Blue Sky, $2.19/16oz - "This American wheat ale is crisp and refreshing light in appearance and a slight haze makes this the perfect summer beer" (source).
  • Short's Superfluid, $2.39/12oz - "Superfluid is an American Double IPA with a large, but basic malt bill that explodes with resiny hop aromas! The hop flavors are the focus of this beer due to the lack of sweet specialty grains. Tasty qualities of citrus fruit and berries explode on the palate. Superfluid’s perfect bitterness resonates across the palate, complementing the awesome hop intensity" (source).
  • Short's Uncle Steve, $1.69/12oz - "Uncle Steve’s Irish Stout is Short’s version of the classic Irish Stout, complete with a dark color, soft head, and smooth full flavor typical of this lighter bodied beer. A simple grist formula provides a base of roasted malt flavors and a creamy drinkability everyone loves" (source).
  • Southern Tier Where the Helles Summer, $1.69/12oz - "Where the Helles Summer? is a classic German style lager.  These beers originated in the 19th century as a response to Pilsener beers from Czech brewers. Helles is German for “bright.”  In the brewing world we translate it as “light” – light in color and light in alcohol. Where the Helles Summer? is a clean & bready “beer drinker’s beer” balanced with austere noble hop varieties. It’s malt-forward and forward thinking to the warmer days just ahead" (source).
  • Odd Side Colossal Oversight, $5.19/12oz (2 per) - "An American barley wine aged in both bourbon and cognac barrels" (source).
  • Odd Side Funk Soul Brother, $10.19/500ml (1 per) - "Dry hopped sour ale" (source).
  • Dogfish Head Immort Ale, $4.09/12oz (1 per) - "Vast in character, luscious & complex. Brewed with peat-smoked barley, this strong ale is brewed with organic juniper berries, vanilla & maple syrup. It’s aged on oak and fermented with a blend of English & Belgian yeasts" (source).
  • Epic Lil Brainless Raspberry, $1.79/12oz  - "Lil’ Brainless Raspberries is an easy drinking canned version of out big, bold 22 oz. bottle of Brainless Raspberries, crafted especially for those who seek bright, fresh, and real raspberry flavors in a convenient size. We brew exclusively with natural raspberry puree, which gives this beer its unique pink color as well as hints of raspberry bubble-gum, sweet fruit jam, and a pleasant dryness that makes this beer perfect for easy going affairs, indoors or out" (source).

Video of the Week | Rain in Blood

Dark Horse Rain in Blood is now available at Siciliano's ($2.19/12oz)


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