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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Siciliano's 2014 Big Brew at the Calder: Sign-Up Info

By Steve Siciliano

On Saturday, May 3, Siciliano’s Market will once again be sponsoring an American Homebrewers Association Big Brew Day at the Calder Plaza in downtown Grand Rapids.

Last year’s inaugural Siciliano’s Big Brew at the Calder was a huge success and we think you’ll agree that with entertainment provided by local music legend Jimmie Stagger, this year’s event even better.

Minor alterations to our wort chilling station will result in reduced wort cooling times which will in turn allow us to constrict the times between the staggered starts for the brewing teams. This should enable every team to finish no later than 1 pm.

As the sponsor for the Big Brew at the Calder, Siciliano’s Market will be donating and providing the following:

    • The ingredients for forty-eight all grain batches of “Beer City Brown”.
    • Bottled water for brewing.
    • A chilling station capable of simultaneously cooling six kettles of wort.
    • Platform hand carts for moving brewing equipment to and from vehicles and transporting kettles of wort to and from the chilling station.
We are now asking those who wish to participate in this event to complete a sign-up sheet at Siciliano’s Market or contact us ( with the following information:

    • Whether you would like to brew one of the forty-eight batches of “Beer City Brown” with your own equipment (mash/lauter tuns, propane burners, kettles, etc.) and be designated as a captain of a brewing team.
    • Whether you would like to brew but are unwilling or unable to transport your equipment to the event. In this case you will be assigned to a brewing team.
    • Whether you would like to participate as a member of a specific brewing team. If so, indicate the captain you would like to brew with.
    • Whether you wish to participate as a volunteer helper.
While we will do our best to accommodate everyone who would like to participate as a brewer at this event, please keep in mind that the number of donated batches and the number of spots per team is limited.

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