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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Siciliano's Black Friday Equipment Kit Sale

By Doug Dorda

If you're brave enough to venture out this Black Friday, be sure to stop by Siciliano's Market. Besides having the all the beer (or harder stuff) you'll need to help you unwind after a long day at the mall, our beer- and wine-making equipment kits—i.e. the perfect gift for the libation enthusiast on your list—will be on sale for this day only. See below for details, and good luck out there, people.

Beer-Making Equipment Kit Deals

Each of these deals will provide you with one version of our beer-making equipment kits as well as two cases of clear 12-oz amber bottles, a wine thief, and a copy of How to Brew by John Palmer. Aside from the ingredients and, in one case, a brew pot, these deals include just about everything a first-time brewer is going to need to brew.

  • Doug's Deluxe Equipment Kit Deal, $135 – With this package, you get the Brewers Best deluxe equipment kit. You will also receive two cases of 12-oz amber bottles, the wine thief, and a copy of How to Brew by John Palmer. These items, sold separately, are a combined value of $158, making for a total savings of $23. Please note that the deluxe kit does not contain a brew pot—this is the deal to consider for those who may already have a 5-gallon kettle.
  • Doug's Beast of A Deal, $165 – With this package, you get the Brewers Beast equipment kit, as well as the two cases of bottles, wine thief and book. This kit contains everything that can be found in the deluxe kit, but also includes a 5-gallon stainless steel brew pot by Polar Ware, a test tube, and a vial of IO-San sanitizer. For those who need to purchase the complete package, look no further than this deal. Again, the total savings add up to $23, as the separate cost amounts to $188. 

Wine Making Equipment Kit Deal

It is important to note that the winemaking deal varies significantly from the beer-making deal. The least of the reasons behind that being there is no boil necessary for winemaking so a pot is of no concern.

  • Doug's Wine-Making DealFor only $130, you get the Vitners Best Winemaking equipment kit, two cases of 750-ml green Bordeaux wine bottles and an auxiliary 6-gallon glass carboy. The total cost for the items purchased separately would be $150, good for a savings of $20!

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