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Friday, December 28, 2012

New Beer Friday - December 28 Edition

Picture of the Year Runner-Up,
The boss and his nephew at Deer Camp
By Chris Siciliano

Call it providence. The last New Beer Friday of the year arrives with only one new beer to introduce to our loyal readers. Some might consider that a shame; here at The Buzz, we consider it an opportunity—an opportunity to revisit a few of our favorite Buzz posts from 2012.

Before we get to all that, here's the description for the one, the only new beer to arrive this week at Siciliano's. Enjoy!

New (and Returning) Beer

  • Frankenmuth 150th Anniversary Dark Lager, $24.19/33oz - "Celebrating 150 years of brewing history, Frankenmuth Brewery this week filled and labeled 1,862 bottles of a limited edition dark lager that includes some of an original batch of Frankenmuth Dark, first brewed in the 1940s. The one-liter bottles of 150th Anniversary Frankenmuth Dark Lager went on sale at the brewery Tuesday and remaining bottles will be sold through select Michigan retailers beginning the week of Dec. 3, brewery officials said. The original Frankenmuth Dark—which was kept under lock and key for an occasion such as this—was blended into the anniversary beer by brewmaster Jeff Coon" (source: The Detroit Free Press).
(Among) The Best of the Buzz, 2012

Please note: With over 200 posts in 2012, it was no easy task picking "The Best of The Buzz." If your personal favorite post didn't make it on the list, by all means, please let us know! 

Picture of the Year

Sam Siciliano, patriarch of the Siciliano family,
makes a grand entrance at his grandson's wedding.


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