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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Siciliano's Recommends - Gewurztraminer

By Steve Siciliano

What's Gewurz that could happen?
Like most Americans I look forward to a traditional Thanksgiving Day roast turkey and its accompaniment of tasty side dishes. When choosing the wine for this annual feast, the star of the show should, of course, be given the primary focus, but the supporting cast—the wine, for example—also warrants some consideration.

I like Thanksgiving wines that not only compliment the subtle flavors of the fowl but also pair well with the smorgasbord of flavors that are presented by the sauces, spuds, and veggies. A nice pinot noir, with its balanced acidity, bright fruit and low tannins is always my first choice. But when I'm in the mood for a white vino on Turkey Day, I'll always opt for a gewurztraminer.

While certainly not as popular as chardonnays, sauvignon blancs and rieslings, I feel that gewurztraminers, with their spicy flavors and floral aromas, are like side dishes in a glass. The following offerings from Siciliano's wine room both have a trace of sweetness and would make nice additions to Thursday's tummy-busting feast.

    • 2011 Lone Birch Gewurztraminer, $9.99/750ml - "A delicate fruit-forward bouquet pear and melon. Light-bodied and crisp with lingering flavors of pear and citrus fruit" (source).
    • 2008 Firestone Gewurztraminer, $13.59/750ml - "This is an ideal sipping wine, with alluring notes of lychee, mandarin orange and nutmeg on the nose. Citrus flavors of grapefruit and bergamot emerge on the mouth, which is enlivened by a compelling acid note. Quenching citrus notes balance nicely with hint of sweetness on a clean, refreshing finish" (source). 
Happy Thanksgiving!

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