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Monday, December 12, 2011

Soy milk makers, now for sale at Siciliano's

Soyajoy G3
By Steve Siciliano

Recently a customer came in singing the praises of the small appliance she uses to make soy and almond milk at home. We thought the machine would be a great addition to our “make-your-own” product mix so Barb contacted the manufacturer to see if they would be willing to sell to us at wholesale. Turns out they were, and we are pleased to announce that we are now carrying the Soyajoy G3 and the Soyapower Plus soymilk makers.

These well-built products make delicious homemade milk from a variety of beans, nuts and grains. So far Barb has made milk from brown basmati rice ($1.99/lb), organic soybeans ($1.59/lb) and organic almonds ($8.29/lb)—all items that we now stock in our bulk foods section. I like the milk made from the organic soybeans best. Barb added a little salt ($0.79/lb), honey ($3.29/lb) and liquid malt ($2.19/lb) to a batch and in my opinion it was better than anything available in the grocery stores. I prefer the soy milk when it’s still warm and it’s quite a treat for someone who is lactose intolerant. And the milk is not only delicious it’s inexpensive to make. Fifty cents worth of soybeans or about two dollars’ worth of almonds makes over a liter of milk which is considerably cheaper than the commercial products.

There are a few differences between the two Soya models. The G3 has two additional grinding modes which give you the added capability of making soups and raw juice. The Power Plus doesn’t have those options but it does have a thermoplastic layer that insulates the stainless pitcher (which gets quite hot on the G3) and it might be the better option if you have small children. Both models retail for $115.00.

If you happen to be in the store when Barb is offering samples of homemade soy and almond, give them a try. We’re sure you will be as impressed as we are.

The Process*

Phase 1: Almonds

Phase 2: Milk

Phase 3: Delicious!
*Excluding soak time (12 hours), almond milk takes about three minutes to make.

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